Pidato berbahasa Inggris

Bagi temen2 yang membutuhkan pidato berbahasa inggris ini aku sediakan buat kalian …ambil aja ….buat referensi kalian semua,,,semoga bisa bermanfaat.

Judul: Environmet

Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. Wb
Good Afternoon,
Honorable all the juries and the committee of this English speech contest.
First of all, let’s thank to Allah SWT who has given us many mercies and
blessing so we can join this program without any troubles. Secondly, I
would like to introduce myself. My name is ……. I come from Junior High
School One Sawoo Ponorogo. I’m very happy because I can stand in front
of you in this occasion to present my short speech.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, in this occasion I would like to tell you about
Environment is everything around us. Environment consists of two main
parts which are biotic and a biotic environment. Biotic environment is
everything around us which are live, for example plants, animals and
human beings. While a biotic environment is everything around us which
are not live, for example stone, water, wind, land and etc.
We must protect our environment as good as possible because it can
influence our live. As we know that Indonesia has many tropical forests
and it is a source of nature which can help people live peacefully. So as
human being we should preserve the forest.
There are some efforts which should be done by all people:
1. Not cutting down the trees in the forest
2. Planting any kinds of trees in the barren area of the forest………


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semoga bermanfaat

Judul: Education System in Indonesia

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb.
Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for the MC and juries who have given me
opportunity to deliver this English speech.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
It is a great honor for me to stand here and give a brief speech entitled “Formal Education
in Indonesia”
Brothers and Sisters;
Education system in our country is divided into two major parts, they are formal and


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Judul : How to face globalization era

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
First of all, let us praise to the Almighty Allah SWT, because of His Blessing we are able
to attend this English speech contest. Secondly, may peace be upon the prophet
Muhammad Saw who has guided us from the darkness into the brightness.
I also would like to say many thanks to the juries and MC who have given me
opportunity to deliver an English speech in front of you all.
Brothers and sisters…
The topic of my speech is “How to face globalization era”.
As we all know, nowadays our world is in globalization era. We often hear it.
Globalization is the process of transformation of local or regional phenomena into global
or international phenomena. This process is a combination of economic, technological,
sociocultural and political forces. In other words, every country in this world can
influence other countries……….


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